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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

New Zealand's best not selected for "World" XI

NZ Herald's Richard Book is rightly indignant no Black Caps have made the World XI to play Australia, depsite being second in the world rankings. Surely Stephen Fleming would be a certainty as either Captain or as a Batsman. Chris Cairns brings experience and explosiveness, and Scott Styris has been the form all rounder. This suggests NZ is a star team, rather than a team of stars, but surely we deserve better than this.


Anonymous said...

Sport isn't everything ;)

richard said...

No it's not, but sport is human drama, mixed in with skill, strength and creativity. I'm not wanting to get all Nick Hornby over this, but it brings people together to enjoy each others's company, celebrate the wins and drown thier sorrows over the losses.

Congratulations, anonymous, you're my first visitor, welcome to this site.

dumping ground said...

Thankyou for the warm welcome!

I've never been able to grasp the concept of competitive sports (preferring actual human dramas!), but your rationalisation is informative!

Good luck with your site - and here's hoping it reaches its intended audience!