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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Flem clears out

I'll make a disclosure here - I think Stephen Fleming is bloody fantastic. He came into the team as a young batsman with an elegant style of timing the ball to the boundary that reminded me of David Gower, one of the most gifted batsmen to have played the game. Flem has blossomed into arguably the best test and one day captain playing the game today. He's given us moments of genius such as the way he sussed out Graeme Smith in the recent series here against South Africa, and of course the way he played the series that may be his finest hour, the tour to Australia in 2002. Recently he has fulfilled his promise with the bat, turning into the run machine we hoped he'd become. Flem's only trophy is the ICC cup from that year, and I'd bet he would love to win some more before he leaves the international stage. An Australian Tri-series would be fantastic, or a test series win against the Ockers (let's face it, it's all about the Aussies). Fleming's records today (most test runs for NZ and passing RJ Hadlee's record of 86 test matches) consolidate his position as one of our best ever. Long may he continue.

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