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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Arsenal v Barca thoughts

Yep it was time to dust off the duvet for another Champs League final - although the muppets on Radio Sport reckoned there were 100 or so fans in The Blue Stone Room at 6 this morning. Here's the thoughts from the couch before all that coffee wears off.

- The ref should have left Lehmenn on and let the goal stand. I bet he felt stupid for blowing hastily, and a real shame for the neutrals to have an 11 v 10 match with 20 minutes gone.
- Spurs fans everywhere obviously delighted for big Sol to score in big match after having goal disallowed in WC 98. *Sarcasm detector goes nuts and eventually explodes. Smoke everywhere*
- Ronaldinho disappointing - more flicks than a 1st XV shower room but no end product at all. Great smile though.
- Henry never recovered from THAT miss in the third minute. He spent the last half not running at all, and arguing with Wenger. He'd be farking frustrating to play with - he only makes runs for himself.
- From Spurs point of view - still have the same number of European Cups as the Arse.
- From Arse point of view - must keep Henry, even if he's crap in the big games.
- As for the theory that UK football fans should support UK teams in finals - I cheered on Arsenal in the 93 Cup Winners Cup final - only to see Arse fans singing 'Are you watching Tottenham?' in the celebrations. Bollocks to 'em.
- Blogger's spellcheck suggestion for Ronaldinho is 'Remolding'. Honestly.

Update: Video highlights of the match from N17.


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barcelone !!!