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Friday, December 22, 2006

Links on Friday

- Office Supplies Trebuchet - might as well do SOMETHING today before heading to the pub
- Grammar Quiz - 100% for me, beat that!
- Chainsaw wake up - Parenting at its best
- The Wilhlem Scream - film geekery, move along
- Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation - Har, scary thing is I can imagine it happening
- www.mypetzombies.com - can't not have a zombie link


Steve Lee said...

..."Film GEEKERY"?!?... I beg your pardon...!

Besides... you spelled Wilhelm wrong...!

But thanks for the link, I appreciate it.

Heine said...

Cheers for your reply the other day mate. I am stuck at Heathrow trying to fight that fog!

Do you have good knowledge in playing around with templates? I am a shocker with templates etc... if you have time, could you pop me an email if you have time to help me with my template? No worries if you don't :)

Have a good Xmas!

richard said...

Steve - don't worry, geekery is quite a compliment really :) Great site you have there.

Clint - yeah I'd be glad to have a look, I'm on holiday now so have time to mess around - give us an email and we can work summink out. Good luck in the airport, eh.