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Monday, June 11, 2007

5 Signs you could be Russell Coutts

Are you Russell Coutts? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, so SRNZ presents a handy guide to tell if you're a legendary short tempered ex-America's Cup skipper. Or not.

5. You find yourself whispering 'Snappy, snappy. Snappy snappy" under your breath whenever the black boat's mast comes into shot

4. You've been barred from your local's jukebox after loading up Simple Minds' "Don't you forget about me" for 65 plays in a row

3. You're always talking into a headset microphone that's not connected to anything

2. Whenever your partner wants to discuss communication issues arising in your relationship, you ask your tactician what he thinks

1. Your uncompromising will to win is now only expressed in playing 'Snake II' on your phone

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Come back to Team New Zealand. Raise your family in New Zealand. We still need you Russell.