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Friday, June 22, 2007

Links on Friday

- Riding the Tour De France prologue route - this would be cool. The Tour's prologue section is in London this year, starting on the 7th of July, so set the alarms to see the riders caning it past Big Ben, the London Eye, that pub you spewed outside that time, etc. Typically, there will be a drug-related bans before it starts, including the cartoon villain-like blackshirts
- Boris Becker, 12 - a typically committed shot from the broom cupboard bandito
- Crappy movie corner - trailer for Kevin Costner's The Postman - and an entertaining write up. Make no mistake, team, this is crap of the highest quality, and hard on the heels of Waterworld, too
- Dur - DAH-DAHHHHHHH! - the most sinister rodent you're going to see on a second-rate sports blog today

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