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Friday, October 05, 2007

Links on Friday

- No Police Report Can Truly Capture My Love Of Drunk Driving - Har. Those Onion guys are actually funny
- Zero punctuation - the best video console review you'll see on this blog today
- Steve Vai lays down some gnarly licks - this give hope to bedroom shredders everywhere
- Simpsons' movie references - woah. There's LOADS here, and I bet it's only scratching the surface. They're bloody clever, those goshdarn Simpsons


Jimmy Jangles said...

Nice work. Pray these tips work.

Is is me or does Steve Vai look like a wanker? Zakk Wylde FTW!

richard said...

Yeah I was always more of a Yngwe man myself. You don't really want to be too good at guitar. You're better to be a hack, like me.