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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bangladesh learn invaluable lessons touring New Zealand, having crap kicked out of them

SRNZPA: Despite enduring a cricketing humiliation roughly equivalent to walking into the Long Room at Lord's wearing only Marmite, Bangladesh's cricketers are looking on the bright side. "We have learned so much from being bent over and used in this manner by the Kiwis." said captain Mohammad Ashraful. "When they chart our cricketing development, conceding 95 in six overs will go down as a joyous, joyous day!"

Bangladesh have picked up many little tips from the Black Caps. "Instead of being bowled by Kyle Mills, I should have hit it for six!" said opener Junaid Siddique. "It's so obvious." The Black Caps role model what's required at this level. "To relieve the tension, the Kiwi play 'Who farted?'" said Ashraful. "They are true professionals." New Zealand coach John Bracewell's effortless media mastery has also impressed. "The way he ducks and weaves like a drunk man walking in mud fascinates me." said Farhad Reza. "Lke the old saying, 'Beware the wise snake wearing skin of ass.'"

Bangladesh celebrated with the Black Caps after the Queenstown match, observing first hand how a top class outfit winds down. "I look forward to playing 'pokies' and enjoying many drinks set on fire in the future" enthused Shahadat Hossain.

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Jimmy Jangles said...

"Instead of being bowled by Kyle Mills, I should have hit it for six!" thats genius.