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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Fergie's fledglings - where are they now?

Living in London during the 1999 treble season for Manchester United with a rabid red and a sky decoder, I watched most of the games shown on the way to the treble. The team was built on Fergusson's youth FA Cup winning team of Giggs, Beckham, Scholes, and the Nevilles, along with the awesome spine of Schmicheal, Staam and Keane, who made the journeymen Johnson, Cole and Yorke's jobs a lot easier. There were some classic moments and matches, such as the comeback in Turin, Giggs' goal against Arsenal, and of course the Nou Camp. This article looks at why the wonder boys seem almost all washed up, and why they only won one European crown (which has always been Fergie's greatest ambition). Still, even the most ardent member of the anti - united brigade (and it's a big brigade) have to admit the '99 team was a bit special.

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