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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Top three World Cup Trade Me scams

We all love Trade Me, and the entrepreneurial spirit being shown in World Cup countdown is something else. Here's my top three.

3. Fake England Top. This is how a fake football top should be made. Itchy, shiny material? Check. Stunning similarity to Poland's 1974 away kit? Check. A flag drawn-on in vivid marker where the badge should be? Check, and of course it bears no resemblance to the official one.

2. Soccer World Cup 2006 Germany Sweepstake Kit. Fire up PowerPoint, google up some flags, design a draw and you're away. I quote: "thoroughly and professionally prepared sweepstake kit" - spellcheck on team bios not included. If you Buy Now, he'll just email you the word doc. This has to be some kid's school project, or Sam Morgan's.

1. I Am A Soccer Nut! A Walnut with eyes glued on it, nailed to a stick. Genius. Bidding is already up to $10.50, get in quick, team.

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