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Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Name's Richard, and I'm a Gutless Scumbag

Matt Gunn has shared his thoughts (audio clip, 938kb - starts about 11 minute mark after Matto gets stood up by Anthony Moss) on my article on Radio Sport. Apparently he'd like to headbutt me!

Now violence doesn't solve anything - but if you'd like a headbutt from Matt, leave your name in the comments.

So yeah, my name's Richard Irvine, Matt, and I was trying to be constructive! Rebuttal on The Silver Fern before too long.


Simon Thomson said...

Come on Matt Gunn I'd like a head butt from you.

You spastic Aussie Loudmouth.

You'd cry like the bitch that you are - when I smash you back.

I'm waiting...

Canerbry said...


1: Which of the points made were factually inaccurate?

2: Is personal abuse the only response you have to criticism? Why the fuck are you a broadcaster then?

3: Come around and headbutt me.