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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ticketmaster's ghost in the machine

When I list my favorite things, ticket vending agencies come roughly between Asthma and Jackie Clarke - extremely annoying and physically painful. This year's encounters alone include missing the first ten minutes of the Chiefs v Crusaders match in a 'pick up' queue, and a last minute dash across town to collect Air NZ Cup tickets before the office closed. Both time there were hefty booking fees, which is kind of like paying a bus to splash muddy water on you.

During a (fruitless) hunt for Wellington Rugby Sevens tickets this morning, I got an insight into Ticketmaster's dead, black heart, as these encryption keywords revealed the disturbing truth about their inner workings.


Yes, that's 'Stalked'...


and 'shooty'. What kind of operation are they running here? I think we should be told. Here's some other words you may see on Ticketmaster's site:

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