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Friday, January 19, 2007

Links on Friday

- First pictures of Top Gear's Richard Hammond crashing - Glad he made it out OK. Top Gear is the BBC's car show that, in the words of host Jeremy Clarkson, "...features three middle-aged men who are actually nine years old."
- Classic 80s Games online - This is fairly extensive. Bonus link: C64 games. Go nuts
- Album covers battle - A whole lot of ALBUM (remember those, iPod weenies?) covers battle it out. Scarily clever, see how many you recognise from flipping through the bargin bins
- List of Films by gory death scene - Cross referenced by dismemberment, beheading, etc. What DID we do without the Internets, eh?
- Cullen v. Scotland - Fark he was good
- George Meyer interview - the guy who made The Simpsons funny

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