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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Links on Friday (on Thursday)

I'm leaving for our nation's capital this arvo, and heading along to the Sevens tomorrow - should be fun - stay tuned for a report and some photos. Any advice on pacing oneself beer-wise and dealing with over enthusiastic Wellington-ites gratefully accepted...
- Telecom Virtual Rugby - I'm 'richirvine73' if you'd like to play along. I'm really crap, honest, and usually forget to make picks at some stage of the season
- David Boon, Australian legend - the walrus-like great man explained
- B3ta Sick Joke Book - Rob Manuel and those clever B3ta bastards got the Internet to write a book for them. Then they got it published. Now they're giving it away for nix!
- 20 Greatest Guitar Solo videos - I like George's little guitar line in 'And Your Bird Can Sing' from Revolver, but that's just me. Although if you're after, for proper legs-apart, lean-back, guitar-god solo action, you can't really go past Jimmy Page or Slash. You can take the boy out of Hamilton etc etc
- I'm Like A Chocoholic, But For Booze! - Heh
- I want to live here - it looks like the Future

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