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Friday, February 23, 2007

Links on Friday

- Is it only me or is this ad for the Skycity Starlight Symphony just utter, utter filth? You know what I'm talking about. Some copywriter guy is just LAUGHING at us all
- After Macca's 67 ball century on Tuesday, check out Afridi's all time record fastest century - in THIRTY SEVEN balls, no less
- German baby boom nine months after Football World Cup. This makes me so happy. Will we have a crop of All Black babies after France 2007 RWC?
- I thought these shots from Tiger were pretty good but then I saw this - Holy Shit
- Hot Fuzz's Simon Pegg interview - NZ release date is 15 March I CAN"T WAIT THAT LONG
- A football halftime pep talk given by someone who knows nothing about football—namely, me - this is about possibly the most humour free sport going, American Football, but it's still funny

1 comment:

Cam said...

Pity Phil is a fag!

Here are some other great Tiger Clips: