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Friday, March 16, 2007

Links on Friday

- Berbatov stars for Spurs vs Braga in midweek UEFA cup action - that first goal is a thing of great, great beauty, not to mention Sheringham-esque. This guy can fark off
- Federer incredible shot - Nice guy Roddick's all "You crazy Swiss guy!" but inside he's like "DIE YOU %#*!@!, I'll never win ANYTHING!!!"
- Robbie Savage @ the darts - this guy is a twat - a diving, whinging, dirty twat, and one of the most hated footballers in Britain. See what happens when a night out at the darts turns sour
- GQ's 25 most stylish movies - where's Topless Women Talk About Their Lives? Eh?
- A trip through Chuck Klosterman's iPod - Interestingly, everyone's fav Heavy Metal fan / bloody sharp writer doesn't load ALL his music on his iPod, just the hits
- How to review stuff - A bullseye. That's what this article calls to mind

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