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Friday, April 13, 2007

Links on Friday

An utterly crap start to today, flipping between Sri Lanka thrashing NZ and Spurs going out of Europe. The only thing that could have made it worse would be if Rove came in and shat on the rug. Here's some links, anyway...
- Matthew Hayden is the form batsman of the tournament so far - still, he's pretty easy to wind up, as England find out, not to mention Glenn McGrath, age 12.
- A frankly stunning goal by Ricardo Quaresma - the ball seems to slow down in mid-flight
- Gazza's semi final free kick - just to cheer me up
- Turns out Tiger did win the Masters after all - "I even came in second with all the strain, and I'm Tiger Woods"
- Vampire hunting kits - I would have LOVED one when I was 10. Bloody handy though, as we get into those cold winter nights
- Griffiths Games Megamart - the Brit gaming industry at its finest

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