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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Links on Friday (On Thursday)

- A Zombie fighting a Shark - You know team, I hadn't used the ol' Zombie tag for a while, and then I stumbled on this clip. Whoah. I might stop looking at the internets now, nothing's going to top this. NOTHING. NSFW if your work isn't into sub-aquatic re-animated corpses hungry for shark flesh and that
- Classy Tierry Henry goal - Henry plays for Arsenal and is a git. I don't like him but this goal... it's OK. I 'spose
- Another very nice goal - by Totti, he of the amusing name
- Passive aggressive notes blog - I love it, although not as good as a shark fighting the undead, obviously
- Cyclocross gone wild - cyclocross looks like fun, and a cyclocross bike (a kind of road / MTB cross) looks like it'd be ideal for commuting
- Boogie Nights meets Star Wars - genius

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice goal by Henry, but who exactly were Arsenal playing against???

Not that I'm saying that Henry goes missing in the big games or anything like that. Oh no.

Gelnn Hoddle