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Friday, August 31, 2007

Links on Friday - Shield challenge special

Here's some Hamilton hyperlinks for yers to celebrate the big shield challenge tomorrow night. I'll be there, can't wait
- Waikato's Sione Luaki hands off Richie McCaw - wow. He throws the All Black captain and best player in the world around like he's a wussy smart arse blogger or something (thanks, Rugby Dump)
- Hamilton rock - if you've ever been to Zak's, or seen Knightshade in action, you know how hard the 'tron ROCKs. Here's what I'm talking about (thanks, Spare Room)
- Highlights of Waikato v North Harbour - the smash n grab run to the shore
- The McKay family - har - but is it for real?


Leg Break said...

Hey SR,

You did well in managing to get a special Waikato links section up during that Shield Era you’ve just had!

richard said...

Mate, I had Mooloo links for this week, next week and the whole feckin' summer of Waikato shield glory. Those Cantabs have a lot to answer for.


Leg Break said...

Perhaps then, and I never thought I'd say this, it's just as well the Rorters won the shield after all