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Friday, August 03, 2007

Links on Friday

- Le Tour's Mount Ventoux - bugger biking up here. It just goes up and up and up, and looks like the moon
- Greatest bit of fielding ever? - Gatting couldn't be more surprised than if he'd been slapped with a fish
- A high quality Spurs goal from G. Linneker - Spurs are looking good for top four this year I reckon (Bonus link for you SportsFreaks: Glen 'n Chris do Diamond Lights)
- Top 50 Muppets - I like Crazy Harry, the mad bomber. And Lefty


Anonymous said...

That Diamond Lights is an absolute gem SR; thanks for that.


Cactus Kate said...

Spurs looked pretty great tonight against Sunderland didn't they?

richard said...

Kate - your broadband must have been BLOODY slow to watch that. I'm watching the replay now, and am being forced to fark around on the internet for entertainment.

All that money spent and they're all injured...

Cactus Kate said...

No, for once I stayed in Saturday night. First day of the Premiership in HK on Now TV so it's been the first time I have been able to watch the matches live without going to the pub.

Previously they were on HK cable which consisted of signing up to a 2 yr contract for mega-bucks with the only advantage - soccer. And we all knew Now Tv would eventually get the rights anyway.

Now of course the fuckers at Cable have got rights to the RWC :(