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Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's just nothing to look forward to anymore

For the last four years (thanks, George) we've anticipated being World Champions. Now I feel like I'm ten again, and after running to check if my advanced Dungeon Master's Guide has finally arrived, finding the postman cheerfully having a dump in the post box.

Graeme Hill has a brilliant quote in the latest issue of Real Groove magazine: "Sport is as good a canvas as any for great drama to emerge". Not sure if it's his, but we saw that in spades in France (and feckin Cardiff, for that matter). England struggling manfully with their own limitations. South Africa going about the business of winning the damned thing with no nonsense. Argentina and France agreeing to forget about Rugby for a while and just kicking shit out of each other for a while. It was all brilliant. But if I'm honest, I was too bitter to enjoy it properly.

Now it's all over, what's left? Cricket? Tottenham *hollow laugh* ? The next Tri Nations? 2011? We've entered one of those natural lulls in the sporting calendar, and it all feels a bit flat. Hey, I was planning on being still drunk from the World Cup celebration right now. I'm seeking diversion on Facebook, but it's not really the same, it it? Normal sport review nz service and stupidity to resume shortly.

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Leg Break said...

Spend the next 6 months urging Spurs not to get relegated SR. We’ll need all the help we can get…