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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Instant Karma's out to get you

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I feel bad about this... but only a *little* bit. The Aussies were clearly robbed, though.


Heine said...

Totally agree mate. Bad luck to the Aussies and what a sour end to their campaign. If they lost in extra time or in penalties then they could walk away with their heads held high. But to go like this makes any future meeting a grudge match... and we all know what the Aussies are like about losing... they will come back stronger than ever!

LA Olympics anybody?

richard said...

Good call, I think we're STILL paying for 84.

Big mistake, basically we can blame all the Oi Oi Oi / Steve Waugh / Thorpedo shit on Ian Fegusson.

Heine said...

Ha ha ha. What do you think about the Germans losing to those dodgy Italians? Crazy! I think the unthinkable will happen and the English will be supporting France in the final if they beat Portugal tonight.

I was at Piccadilly Circus at 1230am (or so, as I was drunk) and the scenes were carnage! Thousands of Italians were there celebrating the football win. It was surreal stuff.