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Monday, June 26, 2006

World Cup - my Heart Of Darkness

I'm going up the river... Today was tough. England v Ecuador. 3am. 3 A-fucking-M! If that's not enough to make sleep seem as distant as that wicked pencil case you lost under the bed in 1979, there's always Portugal v Holland straight after at 7am. 7 A-fucking-M after a 3 A-fucking-M is tough, but someone's got too do it, and that's what I'm here for.

Catching games has become a bit of an art, (pub for breakfast then a mad dash to work trying not to look guilty walking in, starting drinking only at 11.00pm for those 1amers at the pub, and the faithful couch for 3amers). It's totally worth it, a World Cup is football fans' big fuck off burger with everything on it. There's no Bolton v WBA on a wet Tuesday night here, just the schoolboyish delight of watching the world's best in thrilling dramas (Argentina v Mexico), or kicking lumps out of each other (Portugal v Holland, any Australia match).

Yes, the Aussies. Much as I love our Transtasman Cousins (this phase is (C)my Mum), I can't get really get behind them. Admire, yes. Be a little jealous, well too right, but support? No way, they're like Wimbledon in the 80's, almost like bunch of AFLers or Leaguies in football boots. Fair play though, they've shown more heart than most, with great composure to come back twice against Croatia. The Aussies are tough to beat at any sport, and it's great to see their support at home and away. I'd steer clear of any Walkabouts though.

So what's coming up? Aussie v Italy tomorrow night (heart says Fosters, head says Chianti), and then we're into the quarters, with Argentina v Germany as mouthwatering as bacon on bacon with bacon, then England v Portugal amongst others, can't wait.

My sleep pattern says thank God there's only a couple more weeks, but the boy in me wants this all the time. The horror, the horror.

1 comment:

Heine said...

I would feel guilty, almost! Am loving the well timed games here mate. One in the avo, one at night.

The Aussies run will end with the Italy game, I was surprised the Dutch lost as well. England are playing horrible football, and yet I suspect this will win them the cup. Portugal are 2 players down in their 1st squad for the England game so this will help!