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Monday, June 12, 2006

WC bullet points 120606

- Three points for Sven, but not much else. Fit strikers are a novelty in the England squad, let's hope Crouch starts banging them in. Beckham seems to like the new dippy swervy ball, but it's hard to see goals coming from open play.
- Big guns Holland, Argentina, Portugal, Germany and England all win, but no-one's very happy - it's the opening game - no-one but Brazil can dazzle all the away through.
- Rooney injured Walcott in training - that's not quite as hardcore as All Black fights at training, but it's encouraging - apparantly he clatters his team mates at Man U as well.
- The Guardian's podcasts are excellent - you get to hear Barry Glenderring, the Irishman behind their anarchic live updates. Baddiel and Skinner are doing some too. Podcasts are the shit.
- Best coverage (by best I mean most personality) is on the Guardian's site of course.
- We watched it at the Bluestone Room - they had an interesting DJ, who was openly booed for playing lamo 'Eng-ger-land' techno over the national anthems. Did he think we'd all get glowsticks out and have a spontaneous rave? Dick. Fantastic big screen selection upstairs and a pretty reasonable crowd.
- Better not be any power cuts during this WC eh.

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