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Friday, June 16, 2006

World Cup bullet points 160606

- I thought England weren't too bad. At least they were creating chances. Lennon looks the business, and the midfield all had good games, even though Lampard has forgotten how to score. They're only just getting started, they'll beat Sweden I reckon.
- World Cup Badgers - test YOUR stupidity threshold (5-0 for me)
- World Cup Mp3s - That Brazilian song and three England ones. Word In Motion is the undisputed champ of World Cup themes, bringing Manc gods New Order and the Italia '90 squad together at last. John Barnes is a surprisingly def MC - track down the CD single for added footballer rapping, including the brush-like Gazza. Vindaloo is ideal for singing loud in quiet streets coming home from the pub.
- This guy has Mp3s from every team for every match. Ambitious.
- As usual, The Onion gets it just right.
- I have 81 points, and ranked in position 20,631 out of 40,476 players in this. Crap, in other words, so no surprises there.

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