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Friday, January 12, 2007

Links on Friday

- PJ O'Rourke on the Bicycle Menace - There's nothing stopping Auckland becoming an Amsterdam-like cycling haven. Apart from the hills, humidity, and the "OMYFARKINGOD GET OUT OF MY WAY I NEED TO HIT 70 KPH BEFORE THE NEXT RED LIGHT ARRRGHH ARRRGHH" attitude many motorists share
- Paul Gasgoine retrospective - You forget how good he was pre-knee injury
- Movies listed by 'F' word count - Tarantino scores highly here, of course. Bonus link - Pulp Fiction with everything but the swearing taken out
- Bob Mack vs The 'Nuge - the greatest Rock and Roll interview ever (click the links further down)
- Thermonuclear Texas Chili - I add Chicken just to round it out to three meats, and don't bother farking around with the Chilis like these guys. Just chuck them in and be done
- Ali Williams dumps George Gregan on his arse - Everyone can enjoy this. Only three weeks 'til Super 14 rugby, team. Sheee-yit, we've not even had SUMMER yet

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