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Friday, February 16, 2007

Links on Friday

- Four minutes of Glenn Hoddle - yes he might be a religious nutter these days and a not very good manager, but he could really play. Relive those Sunday mornings watching Big League Soccer with the English Platini
- ANOTHER stadium plan for Auckland - I like the cheeky Paris mention - but then Paris-style planning on a large scale would be a step in the right direction
- Graham Reid's Auckland walk - very thoughtful piece lamenting the tumble-weed infested area the above lot want to stick a stadium on. And yes, Queen St is a hole at the moment
- Brial v Bunce - This little incident from way back when the Tri Nations was new and exciting always makes me laugh - "Hey! Frank! I'm hitting you! Pay attention!"
- Hell on Wheels - is a documentary on the Tour De France - highly recommended
- Competitive Horse Riding Rule Book - it's funny 'cos it's true

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