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Friday, March 02, 2007

Links on Friday

- Dropkicks Podcast - If you haven't already, check out the Dropkicks podcast, a run through of the week's sporting action in a 'mates sitting around talking shit' kinda way. Last episode saw the lads engage in a Mee Goreng eating competition while making their picks. Recommended, both spicy noodle dishes and the Dropkicks. You can even thrash them in the Super 14 picking if you fancy it - I'm 'richirvine73' if you need another easybeat on your list
- Rugby Dump - I found this link on the above website - it's basically a blog of youtubed high tackles, stiff arms and fights, the web equivalent of legendary 80's VHS Footy Brawls
- Shane Warne in SloMo - 'cos we miss that peroxided scallywag already
- Matt Sinclair's catch - super stuff
- Billitees - They're a little pricey, but. I just got the Hamiltron one, it's rather nice
- Glen & Garry & Glen & Ross - Har
- Talking on the phone while driving is now banned in the UK. Tough to enforce? Nah...

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