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Friday, May 18, 2007

Links on Friday

- James Hunt post race interview - what a legend. I enjoyed F1 when I was living in Britain, as (like me mate says) you could watch it on a Sunday afternoon after coming home from the pub. I'd probably make the effort to catch the races if more drivers were like this bloke. And it wasn't really boring and that.
- Six FA Cup finals to remember - Good to see Spurs in this list twice. We used to win it all the time, you know!
- Sportsfreak's Joe Karem article - useful and interesting article about ex-All Black and David Bain saviour, for when you're sick of all the tasteless jokes (!)
- Spare Room links to the Worst B Movie moment ever - clarse, some audio is NSFW
- An HR manager responds to the alleged infractions - what a whacky workplace!
- Banksy, 'street artist' - I'm dying to know who this guy is

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