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Friday, June 15, 2007

Links on Friday

- This is what we'll be missing now Ali's broken his jaw:

This clip comes with a typically confused piece of Mexted commentary: "But it wasn't a punch, Tony, I was watching off camera... oooh, he DID punch him... he did land it". I'm convinced Muzza has absolutely no idea he's on TV
- Dimitar Berbatov's top three goals - courtesy of Soccer AM. If your name is Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Jose Mourinho, MITTS OFF!
- Love Tetris? Got dreams of being a pixelated block? - This is the Japanese gameshow for you
- Great Sgt. Pepper's article - the 'greatest album ever' turned 40 a coupla weeks ago. For me, you can't go past Abbey Road. Or Revolver. Or Rubber Soul, even. Ah feck it, ALL the Beatles' albums are pretty shit hot, even when they let Ringo sing one


fishboy said...

"I'm convinced Muzza has absolutely no idea he's on TV" Finally someone explains it! He just thinks he's scored a primo seat to watch the game and is shooting the shit with some mates... It probably hasn't occurred to him to wonder what the microphoney looking thing in front of him is - if he did he might take a bite out of it thinking it's a really well done hotdog.

richard said...

There's one old clip (not sure if it's on youtube) from Athletic Park where starts talking about the Wellington Harbour and just goes off on one, talking about all the wonderful sights... Ol' Nisbo has to remind him 'what about hte rugby, Murray?'. I think he's an OK comments guy deep down, but he thinks aloud a LOT. And he's not Stu Wilson, which helps a lot.