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Sunday, September 09, 2007

MacKay hails first nose clearance of Rugby World Cup 2007

SRNZPA: Having hailed the first lineout, scrum, points, penalty and knock-on of Rugby World Cup 2007, popular TV3 'Rugby' 'Editor' Hamish MacKay was quick to salute the 23rd minute snot torrent produced by Argentinian loose-head prop Rodrigo Roncero in Friday's tournament opener:

"Well hello sailor! The big man's stepped up to the plate and blown one right out of the park! Watch the replay Grant Fox... one nostril... now two... He's electrified this big crowd with a bit of the old nozzle-razzle-dazzle. You played with some of the great snot-showmen over the years Foxy, in fact we've got one sitting to the left now, AJ Whetton..." This was followed by a prolonged period of dead air with barely audible muffled thuds.

1 comment:

sportsthought said...

Hey, maybe this weekend he can go ballistic over decent picture quality on TV3 . . .