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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

That f%*#@! guy

For years, we've wondered "Who's that f%$&*@!* dork waving behind David Kirk at the '87 World Cup?" Campbell Live tracked him down last night - turns out he's an injured US Rugby player who was busy sponging off the Whetton twins and their Mum for the duration of the tournament, eating them out of house and home no doubt. He's quite a laugh, though, and has this for those sick of seeing him: "All you have to do is win another World Cup, and you'll never see me again!". Har, fair enough I suppose.


noizy said...

brilliant. And I *had* actually wondered who the F$%*@k it was.

And let it be said, I was 100% sure he was American (or Canadian).

richard said...

He looked American eh, NO-ONE had a baseball hat in New Zealand in 1987 - that and the fact he was busy waving at the camera was a dead giveaway.