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Monday, August 13, 2007


What was the top story on the New Zealand Herald's homepage at 1.30PM Monday 13 August? New Zealand's nationally distributed and widely read newspaper published out of our biggest city?

A long retired Wallaby player reassures the nation about our biggest collective fear - the All Blacks won't choke.

What will the evening edition bring? Martin Johnson saying Dan Carter and Richie McCaw are highly unlikely to accidentally kick each other in the bollocks in the first five minutes of the final? Janie De Beer saying "Go to sleep and dream little Kiwis, every thing will be alright. Everything will be alright"?

I love this country.


Ferdy said...

Hey Richard - classic blog. I'm loving your incredulity at the NZ media (something I relate to entirely). I was wondering whether I could use one of your sportsreview cartoons on my blogs in the coming weeks? I would give you full credit (mind the pun). Please let me know.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Have any of these ex-palyers giving their gushing opinions actually told it like it is yet?

Or is it all just feel-good counselling for nervous New Zealanders?

Leg Break

richard said...

Ferdy - yeah no worries, just give us a link back when you post them! if you have any problems, let me know.

Leg break - yeah it's kind of hard to tell, isn't it? God knows what the tourists make of it...

Anonymous said...

I bet Laporte, White, Connelly, and that wet fish that coaches England whose name I can never remember are covering the dressing room walls with them.

It’s an interesting cultural study really. You can piss and moan about most things in NZ, but never doubt the All Blacks.

Leg Break